Was the offer merchant’s firm offer ?

Under UCC 2-205, an offer by a merchant that promises to “leave the offer open” for a period of time cannot be revoked by the offeror if it is stated in writing, for the period of time stated, or for a reasonable period of time given the circumstances if no time period is stated. However, regardless of the period of time stated by the offeror, the offeror can revoke within 3 months if that is less than the time period stated.

즉, 뉴욕 상법 상 청약을 했는데 기간을 오픈해 놓는것으로 상인만이 가능하며, 상인이 이렇게 Firm Offer 를 한 경우 반드시 Writing 서면으로 작성되어야 한다. 그리고 기간이 적혀 있어야 하는데 기간이 적혀있지 않은 경우에는 합리적기간을 3개월로 보고 청약의 소멸을 다툴 수 있다.

If the merchant promises to “leave the offer open” for any period of time, whether more or less 3 months, that is the “reasonable period of time” in which the offeree can accept the offer even if the offeror could legally revoke the offer sooner.